About Professor Chris Savarese

Chris Savarese is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and a member of the Rafael Lovato BJJ association. He has traveled to Brazil to train at the world-famous Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro. Savarese has trained with some of the best BJJ practitioners in the world. An avid competitor before opening his Academy, he has competed in and won such tournaments as Grapplers Quest (3x), NAGA(2x), Tri-State Ground Control Classic, Yamasaki Tournament, NYC Grappling Challenge (2x) and USGA Tournament (2x).

Savarese was also the matchmaker for the MMA franchise Sportfighting and the matchmaker for the Grapplers Quest Pro Divisions during a time when some of the best jiu-jitsu matches and tournaments in the US were held.

Chris has worked in the field of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and grappling as a matchmaker, referee, competitor, teacher and sponsor. He has seen the sport from every angle.

Chris brings a no nonsense approach to teaching and a family atmosphere to the gym. Students are treated with respect, honor and loyalty. As a student you receive personal attention, you learn great techniques, and most importantly, you have fun doing it.

Professor Savarese Awards

Lovato BJJ Association Instructor of the year 2015-2016 (Professor Savarese)

Civil Service Leader Instructor of the year 2015

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2014 School of the Year

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2015 School of the Year

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2016 School of the Year

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2017 School of the Year

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2018 School of the Year

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities 2019 School of the Year

Lovato BJJ Assocation Academy Of The Year 2019

Lyndhurst Martial Arts Activities Hall Of Fame Inductee

Team Awards

Grapplers Quest #5 Team in US 2006

RGDA Tournament Team Champions 2008
RGDA Tournament Team Champions 2009

Grapplers Challenge Team Champions 2011

NJBJJF 2013 Spring Challenge 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2013 Summer Classic 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2013 Summer Classic Kids 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2013 NJ Open 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2014 Fall Championship 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2014 Spring Challenge Team Champions

NJBJJF 2014 Summer Classic 3rd place

NJBJJF 2015 Fall Championship 3rd Place

NJBJJF 2015 Spring Challenge Team Champions

NJBJJF 2015 Summer Classic Team Champions

NJBJJF 2015 Fall Classic Kids Team Champions

NJBJJF 2016 NJ Open Kids Team Champions

NJBJJF 2016 NJ Open Team Champions

NJBJJF 2016 Fall Adult Team Champions

NJBJJF 2015 NJ Open 2nd Place

NJBJJF 2015 NJ Open Kids 2nd Place

2015 Big Apple Open 2nd Place

2016 Big Apple Open Kids 3rd Place

American Grappling Federation Adult Team Champions 2018

American Grappling Federation Kids Team Champions 2018

Big Apple Open  Adult Team 2nd Place 2019
Fuji Tournament  Adult Team Champs 2020
Fuji Tournament  Kids 2nd Place 2020
Fuji Tournament Adult Team Champions 2021
NJBJJF Spring Challenge Adult 2nd pace 2022

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