Special night at Lyndhurst Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Special night at Lyndhurst Jiu-Jitsu Academy

It was a special night at Lyndhurst Jiu-Jitsu Academy Savarese BJJ as 2 new blackbelts were made. Many were in attendance to see this along with some other promotions. First of all, after a big speech about the importance of every member and ever belt color by Professor Chris Savarese, the owner and 3rd degree BJJ blackbelt, the promotions commenced. First up were the stripe promotions:

Matt Baglieri-3rd stripe

Tom Thibodeault-4th stripe

Pops Timonera-1st stripe
Ivette Ponte-1st Stripe
Ivete 1st stripe Matt Baglieri 2nd stripe71 yr old Pops get 1st stripeTom T 4th stripe

Belt Promotions

Most noteworthy, then the belt Promotions came, Congrats to those that were promoted:

Sammy Hansali=Blue
Baby T Zeppetelli-Purple
Steve McNicolas-Brown
Brian O’Connor-Brown
Savarese BJJ promotees



Andrew Zeppetelli blackbelt
Furthermore, the night was so special because of the blackbelts being earned. Very special night at Savarese BJJ tonight. This is especially relevant as 2 of our best leaders and hard working students, Chris Thibault and Andrew Zeppetelli, were promoted to BLACKBELT. We look forward to them continuing their growth and sharing their knowledge w everyone. Both gave amazing speeches sharing their journeys. Most of all, I am proud and honored to have them as students. Oss

Savarese BJJ squad

Special night at Lyndhurst Jiu-Jitsu Academy