Tips for Dealing with Holiday Weight Gain

Tips for dealing with Holiday Weight Gain

Tips for dealing with Holiday Weight Gain

Here are some tips for dealing with holiday weight gain if you are a BJJ practitioner. For many people, the holidays can be both joyous and dreadful. We all know that feeling come January 2nd, where we are scared of stepping on the scale. Our pants fit a bit tighter and that shirt we bought in September somehow “shrunk too much” in the wash. The solution is not all that difficult. Get on the mats and train! Classes at Savarese BJJ can help burn off those unwanted pounds that accompany the holidays. You will work muscle groups that you usually don’t and burn calories that would normally just add up to more weight.

The extra few minutes of training add up

Show up 10 minutes before class and run through the warm-ups an extra time. That will not only aid in your management of the holiday pounds, but will also help you with your cardio for training and with perfection of the techniques themselves. Jumping rope is another option that many in our Academy have used to lose weight.

Be the last one off of the mats. The extra 20 to 30 minutes of training after class has ended will continue the burn of calories that you are accumulating while enjoying all of the holiday food and desserts. Combining this with showing up a bit early and drilling is like adding an extra half session of training. It is basic mathematics, the more you are on the mats the more training you get and the more training you get the more results you see.

Allow BJJ to help with the stress of the holidays. During the time you are on the mats, do not let the frustrations and struggles of the holiday shopping you have to do seep into your thoughts. Stress leads to weight gain as well. By allowing your training time to be your escape, you can wipe away some of that stress that is building up.

These are a few tips for dealing with holiday weight gain. The holidays should be a time for enjoying time with friends and family. That includes indulging a bit more in the things that bring you happiness. Go ahead and try making  Jiu-Jitsu one of those things.

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